‘Tis the Season

When you work in ministry, the Christmas season begins much earlier. Prayer, planning, preparation all happens so as to not leave anything to chance.

I have been on a church staff for the past 7 years. For the past 7 years every year around September/October life gets busy. As each year went by, more kids added to the mix the seasons got a little more complicated to balance.

But I always know what season I am in, if I didn’t it would take me by surprise and I would not be prepared.

My husband and I sat down the other night and talked through the next month or so of our schedule. It seems every weekend there is something going on. The best part was, the conversation never turned into disparaging the season. It was a discussion about our plan of action, because we knew it was just a season.

Having a family in ministry is difficult, but not impossible. There are busy seasons that demand a lot of your time and there are seasons where it’s important to take advantage of and spend that quality time with your family.

Remember, make the most of every opportunity to spend quality time with your family. Even in the midst of the busy season.


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