Friendship and Community

Life and friendship can be confusing and complicated, but we all strive to build that community in our lives.

There are so many areas of our lives where we find friendship: church, work, groups, school, sports, etc. Our different communities offer friendships, but they are not all the same level of friendship.

More and more I am realizing the different levels of my friendships. I have a very small, close inner circle of friends, who I do life with and can share deeper more intimate details of my life. I have a larger outer circle of friends, who I do life with and with whom I share meaningful community. There is another circle outside of this, which are acquaintances, people I cross paths with but don’t necessarily connect with in community.

Each level is important and has a role in my life. We aren’t meant to do life alone, but we also aren’t meant to share every single intimate detail with everyone.

Jesus practiced this with his disciples. He did life with the twelve disciples, but there were three (Peter, James and John) that were closer and knew Jesus more intimately. They experienced a deeper level of life with Jesus, because they were privy to more intimate dialogue with Jesus.

We each have different levels of friendships and community, and that’s ok. It all looks different person to person. There is no cookie cutter, system or structure to friendships. After all, we are all unique.

Friendship and community is so important for a healthy life, we are meant to walk through this life together. Don’t forget to cultivate friendships and community. Ministry and motherhood can become quite lonely if we don’t.



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