Beautiful Things

The other day I was driving and had all four kiddos in the car and heard the most beautiful conversation between my boys.

Michael said, “Daniel, will you be my best friend?”

Daniel responded, “umm…yes!”

The two of them proceeded to make up some crazy game to play and their laughter filled the car, even if it was brief (they are brothers after all).

I was immediately caught up in that moment. How incredible it was to hear my children being so civil with each other. It was a nice and needed reminder to take those moments, savor them and cherish them.

In the midst of this crazy life of raising little humans and working in ministry and trying to be the wife I’m called to be it’s easy to get caught up in the task at hand that I forget the people I am called to love.

“He made everything beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

Life is beautiful, once you are able to change your perspective and see those moments as blessings. We tend to focus on what’s wrong and instead we need to change the lens in which we look at life.

Choose to see the good and beautiful in everything you do. It’s not always easy, but make the effort.


Holiday Traditions & Memories

I remember the holidays as a kid and how much fun they were. I remember cousins running around, aunts and uncles cracking jokes and laughing, great food, and playing cards.

As we head into the holiday season for the third year away from my family, there begins a sense of longing for holidays like I remember. I want my children to have similar memories of holidays, I want them to love this time of year and love being around family.

The reality is my children will not have memories of the holidays like I do, those are my memories. But my children will have memories, and it’s up to me to create a place where memories like the ones I have can be created.

We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun

I am learning that my children won’t remember how much effort I put into their halloween costume or how many (or how big) their Christmas gifts are. The things my children will remember is the experience and how it made them feel.

It’s up to me to create those memories with my children; to have fun and realize they are what matters most and they are my family.

This holiday season have fun, make memories, and choose joy.