Is it ok that I’m ok?

As a CHD heart mama I’ve found myself searching for normalcy in this new area of my life; searching for others like me, who have a precious heart warrior. 

It’s a strange thing to feel so alone and then realize you are in fact not alone, at all. 

There are people all around me who have either experienced heart surgery or know someone that has been through this process. 

At the end of the day I count my blessings but I can’t help but think, is it ok that I’m ok? 

I’ve been waiting for that moment when my emotions well up and spill out uncontrollably. I’ve been waiting for that moment when it all catches up to me. 

But it hasn’t. I feel ok, actually I feel like my cup is overflowing. Is that ok? 

I realize there is not one way to process things. There is only the expectations we place on ourselves. I am who I am. And I am overflowing because I have an amazing God who has filled me and taken care of me. 

Even though the world says I need to be taken down and torn apart because of this season I am in, I don’t have to. I am strong because my God is strong. 

Our circumstances have a way of making us stronger. 

So is it ok that I’m ok? Absolutely.