I have four littles under four. That is a recipe for crazy, I know.
At the end of the day, I’m exhausted. I yearn for silence. I don’t want to be touched. I have no more words.
I am in the midst of a season that demands so much of me; physically, spiritually, and emotionally. So it’s understandable I find myself run down and out of energy, having nothing left to give anyone.
It was only a few months ago I felt that utter exhaustion washing over me, holding me down. It was a fog I couldn’t seem to shake, despite my attempts to refuel my mind and soul. I spent time with the Lord everyday, but seemed I couldn’t rest enough to fill that energy deficit.
Rest. Slow down. Focus. Recharge.
Soon enough I found myself in a place where all I could do was rest; all I could do was be still and turn to the Lord. Time stood still and the only thing I knew to do was turn to Jesus.
Despite the unknowns and uncertainty I felt a peace and a recharging of my soul I had never experienced before.
I reached a point when the only way to keep going was to stop.
The demands of my life seemed overwhelming, but God was there and in Him I had all the strength and energy I needed.
Sometimes life’s circumstances force us to slow down and refocus on what is really important. Seasons will ebb and flow, some will demand more of me than others. But through it all, my crazy circus in tow, I find rest in Jesus.
I find rest when I surrender the façade of control I think I have, and focus on the One who truly is in control.
Psalm 62.5


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