Hope Continually

In the middle of busy, crazy, stressful seasons it’s so easy to become distracted as the feeling of hopelessness rises within.

Just when we feel like we may be getting our feet underneath us it seems we get hit again, then again, and again.

But all is not lost. All is not hopeless. When things are not going the way you’d hope they would go, it’s important to stay mentally aware.

We are in a fight. But just because it’s a war zone does not mean there is not beautiful blessings all around us. And we are not alone.

Psalm 7114

I chose to hope; God is constantly showing me the family I have all around me. There are so many people around me who bless me, probably more than they know.
 They are the reminder of the hope that I have and the reminder to keep fighting for that hope. To fight the good fight.
In every season we go through, we have a choice to make. Will we choose to hope? Will we choose to hope, despite all the odds that may seem to be stacked against us?


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