Turning off Autopilot


Sometimes I find myself wandering through my life in a blur; I am on autopilot.

Parenting can do that to us. Ministry can do that to us. Marriage can do that to us. Life does that to us.

It’s important that we take time to make sure the fuel going into our souls is rich with nutrients. We turn on our autopilot when we are getting just enough (or not enough) to sustain the momentum we are running at.

Each day it’s important to start with Jesus and have him interwoven throughout the day. We cannot resort to autopilot during the day because we are setting ourselves up for failure. That is when the enemy will come in and attack.

The bible tells us the enemy is prowling like a lion, seeking to devour something. If I were a lion and I saw two zebras one galloping and running around and the other walking around in circles just going with the flow, which would I choose to attack?

Something I am learning more and more is how to rest, in midst of chaos. As a mom, your job is not ever really over. But as a mom it’s so important that we take the time to draw near to the Lord.

We do our best at preventing autopilot when we are intentional about drawing near to God, quieting our constantly running minds, and letting Him fill our needs.

It’s so important we turn off autopilot so that we can intentionally focus on the calling and purpose for our lives.



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