Growing through Motherhood


I always dreamed of being a mom, I wanted children to love and take care of my own little family. I heard motherhood was tough, I was told it will change your life, I thought I understood what it meant to be completely self-less. But I was wrong. Oh, so wrong.

Motherhood changed my life completely. It all began the moment I found out I was pregnant. I had a little human growing inside me, a miracle, a blessing. It was like I was given a different lens to see life. Everything changed.

With each child new challenges arose (I currently have a 4 year old, two year old, one year old, and one on the way). I never imagined how difficult it would be to have young children. They are quite a challenge, not just in their life stage but learning how to nurture your children, provide for them, all the while keeping yourself fed, happy, healthy, spiritually growing, and thriving.

I reached a point where I was just surviving. I am in the middle of finding that sweet spot between thriving and surviving. It ebbs and flows. But through this I am learning how to have peace in the midst of all the chaos. I am learning in order for me to successfully be the woman, wife, mother, friend God has called me to be I first need to go to Him.

phil 1.6

“And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when Jesus Christ returns.” Philippians 1:6 (NLT)

The process of growing and being refined as a mother will not stop until Jesus returns. At first that seems discouraging, “You mean I have to keep surviving knowing it won’t stop until Jesus comes back?!” But the beauty of this is that we can grow. We can thrive. We can do more than just survive. Jesus promises that He will refine us and prune us so that we can become more of who He has called us, purposed us to be.

Finding beauty in the midst of surviving and thriving is the most rewarding of being refined as a mother. Yes, motherhood is challenging in way I never knew, let alone even existed. Yes, motherhood is the most rewarding knowing this is what God has destined us to be.

I am learning to embrace the Truth: Jesus began this work of motherhood in me the moment I learned I was pregnant. He will be with me every step of the way!


Unrealistic Expectations

Businesswoman Mother Concept
There is so much pressure to be supermom, I’m here to say you don’t have to be. You are enough!


Expectations breed frustrations.

You are not supermom.

Let me say it again, you are not supermom. You don’t have to be. You are enough.

Now that we’ve said it out loud what does that even mean? Understandably our littles require so much of us and we have so much to responsibilities. But we don’t have to do it all. Somewhere the expectation for moms to “have it all together” became the norm. Society puts so much pressure on us to have perfect children, a spotless house, a wonderful loving husband, a great marriage…the list goes on and on. We set ourselves up for failure when we try to measure up to that line.

The reality is we won’t have it all together, and that’s OK! We need to remember God entrusted our children to us because He knew we are the best parents for our children. In the midst of striving to be the perfect supermom we tighten the chains that we’ve placed on ourselves.

We can only be truly free of the bondage of these expectations when we allow ourselves to be released from them. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and accept our limits we break the chains that keep us from experiencing all that God wants us to experience.

Our husbands and children will be so much happier if we are not striving after a mark that we rarely or ever attain. Afterall, God doesn’t call us to be perfect. He calls us to be His.

Turning off Autopilot


Sometimes I find myself wandering through my life in a blur; I am on autopilot.

Parenting can do that to us. Ministry can do that to us. Marriage can do that to us. Life does that to us.

It’s important that we take time to make sure the fuel going into our souls is rich with nutrients. We turn on our autopilot when we are getting just enough (or not enough) to sustain the momentum we are running at.

Each day it’s important to start with Jesus and have him interwoven throughout the day. We cannot resort to autopilot during the day because we are setting ourselves up for failure. That is when the enemy will come in and attack.

The bible tells us the enemy is prowling like a lion, seeking to devour something. If I were a lion and I saw two zebras one galloping and running around and the other walking around in circles just going with the flow, which would I choose to attack?

Something I am learning more and more is how to rest, in midst of chaos. As a mom, your job is not ever really over. But as a mom it’s so important that we take the time to draw near to the Lord.

We do our best at preventing autopilot when we are intentional about drawing near to God, quieting our constantly running minds, and letting Him fill our needs.

It’s so important we turn off autopilot so that we can intentionally focus on the calling and purpose for our lives.


You have to start somewhere


You have to start somewhere.

Praying, dreaming, planning, designing, hoping, seeking wisdom are all great things to do to prepare to start something. But they don’t replace it.

Hoping to be good at something doesn’t mean you will become good overnight. It takes practice, diligence, endurance, and most importantly it requires you to start.

Everyone who has mastered a skill had a beginning.

What is your beginning? What are you ignoring? What are you doing that you shouldn’t be doing? What aren’t you doing that you should be doing?

For me, this is where I begin. I have been told I should write. I fought through many interfering thoughts-I don’t have anything to say, no one wants to hear from me, there’s already so many blogging, writing, speaking, etc. that I wouldn’t make a difference.

I’ve realized these are just excuses for not writing, for not doing the very thing I know I would enjoy, for not doing the thing I know in my heart that I should do. At the end of the day this is not for anyone other than myself.

Alas, I have to start somewhere.

So here I go…